BM-PR (8)
Touch-Screen Cash Registers
BM-PR (6)
Self Checkout
BM-PR (5)
Receipt Printers
BM-PR (2)
Price Checker
BM-PR (7)
Pos Scale
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Label Printer
BM-PR (9)
self-service kiosk
BM-PR (3)
Digital Poster
BM-PR (1)
Barcode Scanners

21 trade solutions of Bayamax

Modern Ordering In Bread and Pastry Shop
If you are looking to have a perfect bakery, you can use the equipment proposed by "Biamax": modern solutions for ordering in a bakery
Smartening and Customer Acceptance in the Car wash
The solution of intelligentization and customer acceptance in car wash 10 "work tools" to satisfy "car wash" customers
Smart Reception In Public Parking
What are the characteristics of public parking? With the ever-increasing number of cars entering urban roads and cities becoming denser,Read More...
Modernization Of Jewelry Store
In addition to being an attractive and fun business, successful gold trading can also be very profitable. In today’s world,Read More...
Modernization Of Home and Kitchen Appliances Store
In addition to making everyday tasks easier, household and kitchen appliances have a great impact on decoration. The constant needRead More...

What is a Pos?

Pos are industrial integrated computers that are designed and manufactured for long-term use in supermarket and hypermarket business and can work for at least 5 years without interruption, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, rarely needing repairs during work. And if they are damaged, they can be repaired on the spot or replaced, they take up little space, they are easy to work with, and they have a special beauty.

What is a Self Checkout?

Stand out with order-taking kiosks If you have run your business well and have set up...
Everything you need to know before buying a store scale Business owners who sell their goods...
جلب رضایت فروشگاه های زنجیره ای با ارائه خدمات پس از فروش متفاوت
Smart kiosk is a solution for mechanized ticketing and ticketing. In addition, you have respected the...

Technology news in Bayamg

Bayamax Events

Bayamax Events

Satisfying chain stores by providing different after-sales services In the interview that title 20 Read More ...
Colleagues of Terna System Group attended the Iftar banquet in a friendly atmosphere. In Read More ...
Terna System Company was present at the Iran retail show.This exhibition unveiled the new Read More ...
Bayamax participated in the international exhibition of kitchen equipment. In this event, a large Read More ...
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