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Iranian emblem of the retail technology industry

BAYAMAX is the Iranian trademark of Torna Group which offers hardware products to 21 various guilds. With the motto of “business in style of Professionals”, Products produced by the trademark are categorized in 10 groups. This trademark also offers business strategies to various businesses. Its products are manufactured in Torna System Factory (located in the Payam Special Economic Zone).


BAYAMAX is a name with Persian roots, so it implies the actual functions of this brand and its various products. BAYAMAX means the necessity of gathering properties or “the imperatives of minimizing loss” which it is exactly consistent with the diverse products of this trademark. In Persian language, BAYA means essential and necessary and MAX means encouraging people to make business, so altogether BAYAMAX means encouraging people to make wealth to avoid losses.

Bayamax Tells You

Full basket of products

Customer experiences


Guaranteed authenticity

Business solutions

professional Consultation

Wide distribution network

Customer satisfaction

Competition with international brands

Specialized magazine

Group’s Mission

Introducing state-of-the-art technologies with the aim of enhancing productivity in businesses


Creating jobs and paving the way for realizing growth, prosperity and wealth-creation for all Iranians


To be the biggest provider of business technologies in Iran by 2025

To be one of the best exporters of business technologies in the Middle East by 2027


  • Honesty and Transparency in Trade
  • Healthy Commercial and Social Behavior
  • Value-Making
  • Accountability and Commitment
  • Innovation and Superiority
  • Customer orientation
  • Cooperativeness

نمایشگاه مجازی

تاریخچه بایامکس


Muhammad Moteshare’i

Born in 1984, Moteshare’i was graduated in Business Administration from University of Tehran. He also holds the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA). He started his professional career when he was a senior in Alborz High School; in 23 years of continuous activity and presence in the IT industry, he has faced different challenges.

Moteshare’i passed growth stages step-by-step, as today he is the co-founder, major shareholder and CEO of Torna Group.  He also is a member of the Board of Tehran Province Trade Union Organization, chairman of the Touch POS Commission and a member of Supply Commission.  He is recognized as a hard-working, creative, benevolent and frank director by the activists of retail technology and e-pay industry.

Layla Modiri

Layla Moiri is a co-founder and main policy-maker of Torna Group. She was graduated in Business Administration from University of Tehran. She also holds the Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA). 20 years ago she started her activities in the fields of strategy consultation, business planning and management in the IT industry and now she is chairman of the Board and a major shareholder of Torna Group. Her Win-Win approach, foresight and humanistic perspective are among key factors of growth and development of Torna Group.

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