Know the types of "customer display".
It is a screen that is used to show the amount and sum of goods to the customer when issuing an invoice. Types of customer display:
What is RFID identification technology?
What is RFID identification technology? RFID stands for radio frequency identification. Today, the need to automatically identify elements and collect data and information related to them without the need for
What is a label printer and its uses?
What is a label printer? Have you ever noticed the small labels or tags that are pasted on each product in some stores? On each of these labels, a barcode
What is a label printer and what types are there?
It is a special printer that performs printing operations on labeled labels. Using special sensors, this type of printer can detect the dimensions of the label and the distance of
What is a box-scale (pose scale)?
Do you own a grocery store, restaurant, retail store, or any other business that sells merchandise by weight? If so, you must have realized how difficult it can be to
What is a "store box"?
A store cash register is a device for calculating and recording purchases and sales in all kinds of stores, restaurants, hypermarkets and the beating heart of any business. Mituna said,
What is a barcode scanner?
The barcode scanner device or barcode reader is a hardware tool that consists of a light source, engine (ENGINE), interface board that uses an internal software to read (scan) and
Getting to know mechanized cash registers; What are its types and benefits?
What do you know about the automated cash register? To learn about the types of mechanized cash registers and the evolution of these equipments, stay with us. POS (Point Of
What is the device of the "turn notification" system?
Wherever there are public services, it is inevitable to create queues to prioritize services to citizens. Queuing generally happens in banks, social institutions, medical centers, insurance, fast food, etc. Citizens
What is the money drawer and its uses?
It is a cube-shaped metal container for keeping bills and coins, which is placed under the cash register. The door of the cash drawer will automatically return after sending the
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