Retailers, Under The Heavy Shadow Of Large Chain Stores
Where is the future of retailers? The definition of chain stores refers to stores that exist or are built in different parts of a city or country under the name
Can you count again?
Tips on sales psychology / Can you count again? A successful salesperson is unlikely to hear the phrase: “Can you count again?”This seemingly simple sentence has many meanings in sales.
Money theft, the reason for the invention of the first store cash register
The cash register was first invented by the owner of an American restaurant named James Ritty, after the American Civil Wars. In fact, he wanted to prevent the theft of
Equipment needed in a professional restaurant
Professional-style restaurant management requires modern equipment, including a cash register. Mechanized cash registers, store equipment and software are very important in the sale of restaurants and coffee shops where customers
"Digital poster", the new season of advertising at the point of sale
Say goodbye to traditional advertising on posters and static printed banners What is “digital poster” and what is its use? For years, advertisements in the form of posters, banners, billboards
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