FAQ for Touch-Screen Cash RegistersFAQ for

What are the advantages of cash registers to computers used in shops and shopping centers?

  • Cash registers can work 24/7
  • Cash registers are integrated, small and high-efficient
  • Cash registers are equipped with the modern fanless heatsink technology (which produces much less heat)
  • Touch-screen cash registers are user-friendly
  • Cash registers are designed especially for the industrial and business environments
  • In compare to computers, cash registers are more resistant against water splash and shocks

Under what condition the cash registers must be kept?

  • Keep them away of moist condition and maintain them in dry and temperature-controlled environments
  • Avoid damages caused by physical stress against your device’s cable
  • Make sure your device is connected to voltage surge protector
  • Avoid using the device while it is under direct sunlight
  • Supply a proper earth connection for your device
  • Make sure you are using  the main ports of the device

What Will Void Your Cash register’s Warranty?

  • Physical damages to the device
  • Damages caused by voltage surges
  • Using fake cables and adaptors instead of the original ones
  • When your cash register’s serial number is invalid or revoked
  • Your device’s adaptor and cables are not warranted