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Satisfying chain stores by providing different after-sales services

Satisfying chain stores by providing different after-sales services

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Satisfying chain stores by providing different after-sales services

In the interview that title 20 was conducted with Mr. Mohammad Motsharai, CEO and entrepreneur of Terna Company, under the title of satisfying chain stores by providing different after-sales services, that in the field of retail industry:

The development of technology in Iran’s retail industry is not far from the time when it has started its growing days. This field, like its related technologies, is progressing day by day in our country, and accordingly, the providers of this sector are also growing. One of the oldest companies in this field is Terna System, which has proven its leadership for years and is still growing. Mohammad Motsharai, the CEO of this collection, believes that in this field, the path of Iran’s progress is open for Iran’s exports, and you should not only think about the domestic market.

In relation to the activities of this company and the technologies of the retail industry, there has been a conversation with him, which you can read below:

First, introduce yourself and tell our audience about your experience in this field and the reason for the formation of “Tranasistem” company?

Maybe it’s better to give your answer in the style of introduction bio of social networks, which is more familiar to your contacts.

Mohammad Motsharai, husband, father, son, entrepreneur, CEO of Torna Group of Companies and interested in the country.

Since the final years of Alborz High School, about 22 years ago, my strong interest in the field of computers made me enter this industry. I started my activity from the earliest stages of the computer hardware industry and in these years I grew step by step and after passing through many challenges in an environment based on hard work. I am a graduate of management and as a part of my social responsibility in the organization of the computer trade union system of Tehran province as a member of the board of directors and the head of the commission of mechanized sales funds and a member of the supply commission, I am proud of my activity.

When we established Torna System company with Mrs. Dr. Madiri as the chairman of the board of directors and major shareholder of the company, we chose the type of company as a cooperative, because we do not consider our duty in this world to be only personal wealth acquisition. Everyone has a mission for himself. We made entrepreneurship and developing a platform for growth one of the main missions of our lives.

In our country, the number of hardware companies is not small, but in the last two years, we saw an increase in the share of “Transystem” company in the retail industry, how did this rapid growth take place?

Torna group of companies started its activity in the retail technology industry from the beginning of the 90s and currently this group has 4 specialized companies. Torna System, as the first company of the group, was the importer and exclusive representative of a Korean brand in the field of mechanized cash registers until 1998, which, by providing a unique style of after-sales service, was able to gain the trust of a large part of customers in the field of chain stores and to attract guilds; In such a way, you can hardly find a famous store or restaurant in Iran that is not one of our customers. We are proud to offer our products and services to more than 18 thousand customers across the country.

For the past three years, by changing our approach from a trader to a manufacturer, the Biomax brand was born in Torna, and all the company’s production and commercial products were marketed under the Biomax brand. From the beginning of the birth of Biomax, we tried not to sacrifice quality and to use modern technology that can compete with international brands; Also, by innovation and paying attention to the design of our product portfolio, let us adhere to our commitments.

What happened when you changed your approach and went from import to production?

Until 1997, every time I visited a factory in a foreign country, I regretted why we couldn’t produce the products of this field ourselves because it was really possible, and for us, we responded to an internal interest, started building and creating value, which Finally, we can proudly say that we produced this product. Until that time, we had visited more than 50 production factories in the world, but practically no foreign manufacturer was willing to help us in setting up the factory, and the factory in Payam’s special area was designed solely from observations and checking the details of these factories and the most standard form. We created possible.

On the other hand, the decrease in the quality of domestic parts and the bad faith of the foreign brand that we represented, the increase in sanctions and the government’s approach to support production, strengthened our determination to move towards domestic production.

جلب رضایت فروشگاه های زنجیره ای با ارائه خدمات پس از فروش متفاوت صنعت خرده فروشی

As a company that manufactures hardware products for the retail industry, have you and your colleagues been able to respond to all the needs of operators in different sectors of this industry?

After nearly four years since the unveiling of the Biomax brand, I can almost say that we have launched a complete portfolio of products in this brand, which is in 10 product groups; From mechanized cash registers, barcode readers, receipt and label printers, ordering kiosks, self-checkout kiosks, Posaskill to our latest products in the field of payment tools such as bank card readers, calculators connected to Pos, etc. In this regard, do not forget that building a quality basket takes time and this path continues.

In your opinion, what is your competitive advantage compared to foreign companies of the same category?

First, we were able to solve or improve the defects and technical issues of imported products; Because our hands were tied in importing, in this way, the percentage of goods returned to our service center was less than half compared to the imported goods in the past.

When you want to maintain the quality and even raise it and produce it inside because most of the raw materials are foreign, in practice the total dollar purchase price of raw materials is higher than the dollar purchase price of imported products, but with the increase in production circulation and cost management, in We were able to reduce the prices of final consumers by 10-15%.

Most importantly, now we can confidently say that we can customize our products based on the needs of our customers with the highest level of standard.

In your opinion, in terms of hardware, our companies have reached such behavioral and functional maturity that it can be said that our market does not need foreign hardware?

Neither in Iran nor anywhere in the world, almost no company reaches its goal. We see progress in the field of technology every day in Iran and in the world, so the presence of foreign competitors in the Iranian market is not only harmful, but helpful. I’m not saying that we don’t need foreign brands, but I can say that at least we have a lot of foreign brands in Biomax products.

What is the reaction of your new customers regarding the fact that the products are Iranian? Do they accept this easily?

Naturally, they are not easy to accept, but due to the years of experience of Torna System and the good services they received from Torna, they are kind to us and often give us an opportunity to present and test the products. And test it in the pilot environment, give technical feedback, we will stay by your side so that you don’t have any problems or worries, for this reason, we offer all our products with a 7-day satisfaction guarantee (money back), even if the customer is worried about this period. We extend it to 30 days, for the confidence of our customers, we give a 3-year warranty on our products. Because we are sure of the quality and stability of our products, we offer a long-term warranty, and our customers have been 98% satisfied with our services.

Perhaps I need to emphasize this point. Torna Group’s research and development department has designed and produced Biomax products based on acquired knowledge and past experiences, focusing on solving technical problems of foreign brands and customer feedback, so we guarantee their performance with confidence.

One of the serious needs of all businesses is the use of technologies that increase productivity and reduce costs. What services did you provide to industry activists in this field?

Self-service kiosks are a new generation of point-of-sale systems that make it possible for the customer to use the kiosk to order, pay, receive tickets and thousands of other services, in this way we can use human resources for more complex matters such as sales consulting and reduce costs and increase profit, Biomax kiosks are currently one of the most demanded Kiosks in the Iranian market are used in different ways such as order taking kiosks, self checkout kiosks, payment kiosks, ticket issuing kiosks, and soon you will see Biomax kiosks and products in neighboring countries.

Do you consider other factors for product development in hardware development, in addition to monitoring trends, daily market needs and specific needs of each customer?

Yes, definitely, the use of industrial parts with a long lifespan is one of the most important factors in the design and production of a product, many of the market’s needs can be answered with consumer goods or with second-hand parts, but this is definitely not the standard method. And in the long run, it will damage the collections. For example, many cheap cash registers use second-hand or refurbished parts, or many kiosk manufacturers use home televisions in their products, and even many stores use cash registers instead of cash registers. Stores use all-in-ones or notebooks or even home computers, if these systems are not installed for store environments and in long-term operations, they suffer from technical issues as well as security issues. Regarding the use of these products and methods, it is really true here.

Tell us about your future 5-year development plan.

By the grace of God and the efforts of all Torna’s powerful team, turning into the largest provider of business technologies in Iran by the end of 1403 and becoming one of the top exporters of business technologies in the Middle East by the end of 1405 is the vision of Torna Group of Companies.

If there is a noteworthy performance of “Terna System” company that maybe you haven’t paid enough attention to it, please let me know.

Thanks to the trust of our colleagues and business partners, we have:

ما تا کنون به لطف اعتماد همکاران و شرکای تجاری مان : 

We created a wide network with more than 400 agents and sales agents and after-sales services across the country

We offered our products and services to 150 chain stores across the country.

We are working with 50 direct workers and 200 indirect workers

We interact with more than 100 software producing companies and 70 consultants, operators and operators, 12 electronic payment companies and 7 major banks of the country as our business partners.

And we hope to be able to develop the level of our business cooperation with a win-win perspective and based on commitment, honesty and transparency.

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