Intelligentization Of Sales Equipment In The Pharmacy

Today’s world is not like a few decades ago when finding a pharmacy was considered a prize. Today, you are faced with an explosion of competing pharmacies online and offline, in order to succeed against their business, you need to spend more ingenuity and design an artistic plan for a successful pharmacy business. Despite the variety of ages and different strata that refer to the pharmacy, there is a need for you to have measures to satisfy a wide range of audiences. But how is this possible? In this content, we are trying to introduce you some new codes and expressions that, in addition to increasing client satisfaction, will help you in recording and order financial events and will make you manage with sufficient discipline.

10 modern “work tools” for customer satisfaction in “pharmacy”

What do customer-friendly pharmacies need?

The development of technology and the emergence of online sales has made customer orientation the first pillar and the hidden need of pharmacies. Due to the variety of items and issues related to warehousing and inventory control, selling in today’s style is a special necessity.
Order, good arrangement, speed of purchase and easy access to inventory and determining the amount of goods and profit and loss have become a necessity and if you haven’t thought of modern methods yet, you should think about not losing your customers gradually.

Why should I pay?

There are many reasons to improve, but your need for this could be:
Reduce waiting time
Reducing human error and related losses
Improving the speed of work
Creating more trust for customers with accurate and beautiful invoicing
Accurate control of sales
Increase work productivity
Better bookkeeping
Obtaining accurate sales profit and loss output

Why should I have a cash register and its equipment?

  • The mechanized cash register is a professional device and different from similar products or home and office computers
  • Anti-theft and falling off the table
  • It works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day without stopping for up to 7 years
  • It has a beautiful and strong metal body
  • It rarely breaks down
  • Its operation is simple and does not require computer knowledge
  • It is cheaper than similar and cost-effective tools
  • Resistant to dust and harsh working environment
  • It has on-site after-sales service
  • It does not require periodic service
  • It has a 3-year warranty and 5 years of immediate after-sales service (all over Iran).
  • It has the ability to install many accessories and upgrades
  • All kinds of store software can be installed

An essential product package for customer-oriented pharmacies

Multi-faceted barcode reader and goodbye to the queue: in the pharmacy, due to the variety of available items, speeding up the product identification process using a multi-layer barcode reader and the possibility of quickly rejecting the product in front of the barcode reader will make the work much faster. A large number of items in the customer’s shopping cart can be identified with this tool, and the process of issuing invoices becomes faster and queues are avoided.

Terminal for price control and quick selection without questions: it has happened to you that you are busy and customers ask you for price information, discount applied, product specifications or product inventory when choosing a product, and if you do not answer (according to the age range) variety of customers) you will cause him displeasure! To solve this problem, the Price Checker terminal is a good solution for you. Your diverse customers can personally put the barcode of the desired product in front of the display of this device installed on the wall of your store and get complete information without visiting you.

The data collection terminal (PDA) is your professional assistant in the pharmacy: multiple items, inventory control, warehouse rotation and resolution of discrepancies in the pharmacy warehouse make your work difficult and time-consuming. If you always have periodic warehouse operations or you are tired of this work and its problems, the PDA device is like a smart student or educated colleague by your side to simply count the inventory of the shelves and record its information in the software. This automatic comparison will show you your differences in the shortest time and introduce you to professional assistance.

Manage professionally

Easy and modern pharmacy payment kiosks

It must have happened to you that you visited a pharmacy and in that pharmacy, the time you spent paying at the cash register was much more than the time spent for the prescription. There may even be such a situation in your pharmacy. It means that many customers are waiting in the checkout line. To solve this problem, the first thing that seems to be done is to increase the checkout station. It means more cost for equipment and more cost for additional cashier. But there is another proposal, which has no cost for your pharmacy and can even reduce your costs by eliminating extra cashiers in the pharmacy.

necessary equipment :

  1. Automated cash register
  2. specialized software
  3. money drawer
  4. Access point
  5. Bank card reader
  6. Ticketing Kiosk: To register a ticket order and prepare a receipt, the number of which can be one or two devices (depending on the number of entrances or crowding).

A recommendation for visual appeal

When you are in the pharmacy, you create your own promotional media

Digital posters provide attractive visual content to attract customers. Biomax digital posters are not just a display, but a smart solution for advertising or information at the main point of presence of your audience.

Biomax content management software allows you to install digital posters in different places and manage them remotely without geographical restrictions.

The main feature of this solution is the ability to update the content of the screens in real time and play video content in different formats. In addition, by removing paper posters, you help to preserve the environment.

What is the main reason for using digital posters in pharmacies?

The main feature of this solution is the ability to update the content of the screens in real time and play video content in different formats. In addition, by removing paper posters, you help to preserve the environment.

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