Modernization Of Jewelry Store

In addition to being an attractive and fun business, successful gold trading can also be very profitable. In today’s world, we see significant competition in the gold and jewelry market, and every brand is trying hard to be recognized and reach the top position. Considering the promotion of competition in this field and the creation of online product sales portals, keeping old customers in the conditions of frequent price inflation is one of the goals of the owners of this trade and to have a modern sales structure. To create this system, we will provide you solutions in this article. Get to know the modern methods of customer ordering, behind the jewelry counter.

10 Modern “Work Tools” For Customer Satisfaction In “Jewelry Sales” and Modernization Of “Jewelry” Stores

What do customer-friendly jewelers need?

The development of technology and the emergence of online sales has made customer-oriented the first pillar and hidden need of jewelry sales. Considering the variety and high value of the goods of this trade and issues related to inventory control, selling in today’s style is a special necessity. A good and attractive arrangement and determining the amount of goods and profit and loss has become a necessity and if you have not yet thought of modern methods, you should think about not losing your customers gradually. If your customers want to compare you with other jewelry stores Compare, part of the criteria also comes back to the presentation of your product. Calculating with a calculator or not having an invoice is considered a weakness and sometimes causes distrust of your customer.

Why should I pay?

There are many reasons for the development of your business, but your need for this equipment can be in the following cases:
Better bookkeeping
Obtaining accurate sales profit and loss output
Reducing human error and related losses
Improving the speed of work
Creating more trust for customers with accurate and beautiful invoicing
Inventory control
Accurate control of sales
Increase work productivity

Why should I have a cash register?

The mechanized cash register is a professional and different device from similar products or home and office computers / it is anti-theft and falls from the table / it works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day without stopping for 7 years / it has a beautiful and strong metal body / to It rarely breaks down / its operation is simple and does not require computer knowledge / it is cheaper than similar tools and economical / resistant to dust and harsh working environment / it has on-site after-sales service / it does not require periodic service / 3-year and 5-year warranty It has immediate after-sales service (all over Iran) / the ability to install many accessories and upgrades / all kinds of store software can be installed


Let’s know the additional equipment:

Modern jewelry store; We offer you this professional package

  1. Mechanized cash register: a long-life industrial device with the capability of your specialized software, which is determined according to the number of people you need depending on how crowded the store is.
  2. Specialized software: according to the type of activity, it manages your registration, preparation and financial events
  3. Receipt issuing printer: printing invoices and one machine for each cash register
  4. Cash drawer: It is a compartment for keeping cash, which is installed next to each cash register
  5. Bank card reader: provides easy bill payment with bank cards
  6. Price control terminal: It is installed by the buyer to view the product specifications

A recommendation to increase visual appeal

When you are in the jewelry store, you create your own exclusive and promotional media

Digital posters provide attractive visual content to attract customers.

Biomax digital posters are not just a display, but a smart solution for advertising or information at the main point of presence of your audience. Biomax content management software allows you to install digital posters in different places and manage them remotely without geographical restrictions. The main feature of this solution is the ability to update the content of the screens in real time and play video content in different formats. In addition, by removing paper posters, you help to preserve the environment.

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