Smart Reception In Public Parking

What are the characteristics of public parking?

With the ever-increasing number of cars entering urban roads and cities becoming denser, the need for a place to park cars is strongly felt. For this reason, public parking, like other urban needs, is of particular importance. This demanding job can be very lucrative with the use of intelligence and creativity. Meanwhile, in addition to allocating the right space, you should pay attention to more details that will make you more special than other colleagues and increase customer satisfaction and further prosperity of your business. but how? In this content, we are trying to introduce you some new codes and expressions that, in addition to increasing client satisfaction, will help you in recording and order financial events and will make you manage with sufficient discipline.

10 modern “work tools” for customer satisfaction in “public parking”

What secret need do I have?

Whether you are the owner or shareholder of any type of mechanized, tower or concrete multi-storey public parking, you need special software so that unnecessary crowding does not cause stress and disorder in the work routine. Some of your competitors have easily solved this problem. Now, if you decide to solve the problem and give your business a boost, “Biamax” will give you an executive offer.

What is your helping process?

During busy weekends or special days, car owners go to the fund. Using a touch screen, the cashier registers the order in the specialized software and with the help of the receipt printer, delivers the invoice to the customer in the form of an 8 cm wide receipt so that the customer can pay the invoice through a card reader or cash. After placing the order, the information from the main software is automatically sent to the printer to issue the receipt of each part so that the preparation can be executed in the fastest time and with a detailed schedule and delivered to the customer.

Why should I pay?

There are many reasons to improve, but your need for this could be:

Reduce waiting time

Reducing human error and related losses

Improving the speed of work

Creating more trust for customers with accurate and beautiful invoicing

Accurate control of the amount of service

Increase work productivity

Better bookkeeping

Obtaining accurate sales profit and loss output

Why should I have a cash register and its equipment?

The mechanized cash register is a professional device and different from similar products or home and office computers/ it is anti-theft and falls from the table/ it works 7 days a week and 24 hours a day without stopping for 7 years/ it has a beautiful and strong metal body/ It rarely breaks down / its operation is simple and does not require computer knowledge / it is cheaper than similar tools and economical / resistant to dust and harsh working environment / it has after-sales service on site / it does not need periodical service / warranty 3 years and 5 years of immediate after-sales service (all over Iran) / the ability to install many accessories and upgrades / all kinds of store software can be installed


When you want to be special: 4 essential tools to complete the customer satisfaction chain

In the public parking industry, what leads to the satisfaction of your customers and provides optimal use of your facilities is having good work tools and technological solutions. In the following, we have listed the equipment and its use for your class. You can contact us for advice:

  1. Mechanized cash register: a long-life industrial device with the capability of your specialized software, the number of which you need is determined depending on how busy the car wash is.
  2. Receipt issuing printer: printing of invoices and one machine for each mechanized cash register
  3. Cash drawer: It is a compartment for storing cash that is installed next to each cash register
  4. Bank card reader: provides easy bill payment with bank cards

When you provide a professional service

Payment kiosks in public parking; Easy and modern style

If you are thinking about the comfort of your customers and want to be more modern, you can complete the mentioned system with a special offer and be more professional and customer-friendly. By installing payment kiosks in public parking, you can equip the applicant with an RFID card when entering. He receives this card from the reception and by visiting the “Ticket Issuing Kiosk” and placing the card on the “RFID READER” module, he selects the desired amount from the touch screen of the kiosk. He simply paid the amount with the bank card reader and his card is ready to use all services. The RFID card comes with him and the amount charged in it is deducted for the cost of any type of service (based on the relevant tariff) in the machine in front of each washing machine. If the amount remains, it can be returned or recharged.

necessary equipment:

  1. Automated cash register
  2. specialized software
  3. money drawer
  4. Access point
  5. Bank card reader
  6. Ticketing Kiosk: To register a ticket order and prepare a receipt, the number of which can be one or two devices (depending on the number of entrances or crowding).
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