Smart Sales Of Confectionery, Nuts And Dried Fruits

There are various businesses in the world that have a long history. Confectioneries are businesses that have existed for a long time and have remained so through the generations. Confectionery has its demand in all segments of society, and its sale is not only limited to one time of the year, so There is a need to have measures to satisfy a wide range of audiences. Today’s consumers are looking for online shopping, so the owners of confectionery, nuts and dry goods stores should set up online sales that suit the behavior, taste of customers and the type of product. You can Paying attention to the wishes of the customers when buying in person or by phone, ask the questions appropriate to each product from the customer when placing an online order.

10 modern “work tools” for customer satisfaction in “confectionery, nuts and dried fruit store”

In this content, we are trying to introduce you some new codes and expressions that will help you in recording and order financial events in addition to satisfying customers. You can ask the customer questions about each item when placing an online order, according to the customer’s wishes during in-person or phone shopping.

Why should I pay?

In recent years, customer-oriented flow has been accepted as the first pillar of various businesses and has become a hidden need for all industries, especially confectioneries. Hence having: related has become necessary for this purpose. Now, if you haven’t thought about modern methods yet, it’s time to think so that you don’t lose your customers gradually, because your customers will compare you with other stores in this industry.

  • order of sale
  • Service speed
  • Transparency in sales
  • proper layout
  • Easy access to inventory
  • Determining the amount of goods and profit and loss

Why should we be equipped?

There are many reasons for improvement, but your need to have a mechanized sales system can lie in the following:

In a bakery, calculating with a calculator and not having an invoice is considered a big weakness, causing the customer to distrust and perhaps be unaware of your services and discounts. Calculating with a calculator and not having an invoice is considered a big weakness and sometimes it causes mistrust and maybe the customer is unaware of your services and discounts. Therefore, defining products based on barcodes in the sales software and having a cash register can make serving your customers smoother.

Why should I have a cash register?

The mechanized cash register is a professional device and different from similar products or home and office computers. This device is anti-theft and anti-fall from the table and can work 7 days a week and 24 hours a day without stopping (up to 7 years). This product has a beautiful and strong metal body and rarely breaks down. It has a simple function and does not require the user’s computer knowledge, and on the other hand, it is resistant to dust and adaptable to harsh working environments.

Beautiful and sturdy metal body

Dust resistant

Has a 3 to 5 year warranty

It also has on-site after-sales service and does not require periodic service. It benefits from a 3-year warranty and 5 years of immediate after-sales service, and it has the ability to install numerous accessories and upgrades throughout Iran (installing all kinds of store software).

modern confectionery; With the “Biamax” 8+1 professional package: you can use the equipment offered by “Biamax”:

If you are looking to have a perfect pastry

  • Mechanized cash register: a long-life industrial device with the capability of your specialized software, which is determined according to the number of people you need depending on how crowded the store is.
  • Specialized software: according to the type of activity, it manages your registration, preparation and financial events
  • Receipt issuing printer: printing of invoices and one machine for each mechanized cash register
  • Bassim gun barcode reader: It has high efficiency to read the barcode of distorted or faded goods
  • Multi-mode barcode reader: to speed up the reading of barcodes of goods
  • Cash drawer: It is a compartment for storing cash that is installed next to each cash register
  • Bank card reader: provides easy bill payment with bank cards
  • Price control terminal: It is installed by the buyer to view the product specifications
  • PDA: It is used to count the goods in the shelves and warehouse (warehousing operations).
  • ATM

Terna group of companies consisting of 5 long-standing companies in the field of Iranian business development was established in 1390. The slogan “solution is smart” in this group considered the presentation of “solution” to different trades to trades at 3 levels, large, medium and small.

“Terna System” has provided products to 17,000 customers in 21 working days and is one of the first companies in the field of retail technology.

“Baya Max” is the brand of the group’s products and “Terna Service” is the provider of its after-sales services. Also, “T-Sign” in the advertising sector and “TernaPay” are other active brands of the group in the field of payment.

Types of Biomax products:

24 products in the category: cash registers, receipt printers, labelers, payment kiosks and order takers, digital posters

Distinction of Biomax:

Full portfolio of products with better quality compared to competitors

Software support by providing a dedicated solution

Metal and resistant body of Biomax products

24/7 after sales service

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Barcode Scanner HERO

Receipt Printer BP-208

Touch-Screen Cash Registers K4(i3)

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